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Join Bob Murphy and Tom Woods in this weekly libertarian podcast as they teach economics by refuting Paul Krugman's New York Times column. Plus, expect special guests like Ron Paul, David Stockman, and more!
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Mar 5, 2017

We've covered Obamacare quite a bit on this podcast, but we had to address Krugman's claim -- advanced by many on the left -- that Obamacare has surely saved lives, and its repeal would undoubtedly involve the loss of life. Then we look at Krugman's worry about the prospect of a media in the regime's pocket, and private individuals and companies feeling pressured to toe the regime's line. Yeah, we've never seen anything like that before!

Show notes for Ep. 76

Feb 26, 2017

Krugman says the Trump Administration is wrong to expect economic growth in the range of 3 to 3.5 percent a year. We look at Krugman's analysis of what does and doesn't cause economic growth -- and why he thought it was reasonable to expect 3 percent growth a year under Obama, which never happened in any year.

Show notes for Ep. 75

Feb 18, 2017

You know the drill: Krugman says Republicans--including but not limited to Donald Trump--are blithering idiots who are actually proud of their ignorance. There are plenty of right-wingers we dislike too, but as usual Krugman's claims are utterly biased. We remember some of President Obama's "greatest hits" when it comes to diplomatic gaffes and botched policy execution.

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Feb 10, 2017

In this episode we talk tariffs, taxes in general, and whether business can really "pass on" a tax to consumers.

Show notes for Ep. 73

Feb 5, 2017

Donald Trump was elected in part to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States and reversing that sector's decline. Krugman says his program will do the exact opposite.

Show notes for Ep. 72

Jan 29, 2017

Trump and his supporters live in a bubble and manufacture their own reality, says Krugman. That's Krugman talking, we remind you. Krugman is speaking about other people manufacturing their own reality. This from a guy who manufactures whatever reality conforms to the partisan demands of the moment, as we've shown in drearily copious detail.

Show notes for Ep. 71

Jan 21, 2017

We decided to depart from our usual format this week, given the significance of the Obama-Trump transition, to look back at and offer some thoughts about the Obama years.

Show notes for Ep. 70

Jan 11, 2017

Krugman actually had the nerve to write a column called "Deficits Matter Again." We demolish this column. We prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Krugman is simply a hypocrite, despite his protestations to the contrary. His reasons for why the deficit suddenly matters were all in effect months ago, yet back then Krugman didn't care about the deficit at all.

Show notes for Ep. 69

Jan 7, 2017

Trump promises to be the most corrupt president in U.S. history, says Krugman, who offers hotel reservations as a key example. Democratic and bipartisan corruption is of course ignored. Oh, and two more times -- in a single column! -- Krugman links to something he claims is saying one thing, but which when you click on it you discover is saying quite another. In all, perfect fodder for Contra Krugman.

Show notes for Ep. 68

Jan 3, 2017

Krugman disagrees with Trump's trade policies and thinks they're grounded in falsehoods (e.g., China as a "currency manipulator"). You'll never guess what Krugman has said in the past when Democrats have flirted with protectionist ideas....

Show notes for Ep. 67

Dec 23, 2016

So Paul Krugman is suddenly shedding tears over the fate of the republic. Of course, he cheered every step that brought us here.

Show notes for Ep. 66

Dec 16, 2016

That sounds totally realistic and not at all like it was concocted by spooks.

Show notes for Ep. 65

Dec 11, 2016

Let's keep the part about covering pre-existing conditions, say Donald Trump and many other Republicans, and just get rid of the parts we dislike. Unfortunately for them, that can't be done.

Show notes for Ep. 64

Dec 3, 2016

In Krugman's column on cronyism and profiteering, Bob and Tom pay particular attention to the section on education, where Krugman discusses school vouchers and "privatization." Wait till you hear how Krugman summarizes the results of these policies....

Show notes for Ep. 63

Nov 23, 2016

Funny: Krugman used to be happy about any kind of fiscal stimulus. But when it's a Republican doing it, he has to come up with a laundry list of reasons to oppose it. But his own economic theory virtually requires him to favor it, so we have a little fun with the poor guy.

Show notes for Ep. 62

Nov 20, 2016

Well, well, well: guess who's suddenly worried about the deficit and the debt! After just telling us that increasing the debt in any way for any reason would be a good thing, to boot!

Show notes for Ep. 61

Nov 13, 2016

Even though Donald Trump supports massive infrastructure spending financed by debt in order to put people to work (sound familiar), Krugman is of course horrified by the election result. This week we're joined by David Stockman, director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan, to review what Trump is likely to accomplish, what the Democrats will block, and what it all means for the economy.

Show notes for Ep. 60

Nov 6, 2016
The big problem this election cycle, according to Krugman, are all the media attacks -- on Hillary Clinton. The scandals surrounding her are manufactured out of nothing by the right wing.
On Twitter last week, Krugman expressed his outrage at people who make evidence-free insinuations, and five seconds later speculated that FBI Director James Comey was trying to help GOP senators in the 2016 election.
Show notes for Ep. 59
Oct 29, 2016
Krugman can't believe people who worry about the national debt are taken seriously. There are no serious budgetary or financing problems on the horizon, so if there's anything to be concerned about at all, that concern is surely misplaced today. Instead, we should be worried about climate change!
Krugman has things exactly backwards, as usual.
Show notes for Ep. 58
Oct 21, 2016

Both Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, each in his own way, spin crazy dystopian stories about America, says Krugman. Our country isn't perfect, but where are they getting these crazy ideas? We sort out who's crazy and whether things really are dystopian.

Show notes for Ep. 57

Oct 15, 2016

In this special episode recorded before a live audience on board the Contra Cruise, which Tom and Bob are hosting this week, your hosts take on Krugman on tighter fuel efficiency standards of automobiles, Krugman's anti-scientific statements on climate change, and more, including audience questions.

Show notes for Ep. 56

Oct 9, 2016

Krugman says it's not just Trump who's an ignoramus, but his economic advisors, too: why, they seem to think a foreign VAT (value-added tax) hurts US exporters. We investigate, and turns out these guys are against fiscal and monetary stimulus -- how bad could they be? Yes, there are some problems in the Trump white paper, but there's a lot of good in it, too. And its key fallacy on trade accounting is something Krugman himself has pushed in other contexts.

Show notes for Ep. 55

Sep 30, 2016

All the Republicans want to do is cut taxes on the rich, says Krugman, but Hillary has lots of programs she wants to enact for "working families." And each one is obtuse in its own special way.

Show notes for Ep. 54

Sep 23, 2016
Krugman sternly lectures millennials: DO NOT vote for Gary Johnson. You are wasting your vote. Plus, the Libertarian Party platform is nuts!
We respond, in one of Tom's favorite episodes of Contra Krugman.
Show notes for Ep. 53
Sep 17, 2016

Krugman suggests that the image of Hillary Clinton as particularly untruthful is a fabrication of the right-wing noise machine. We remind him of some uncomfortable truths.

Show notes for Ep. 52

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